Roadmap illustrations
sneak peak into upcoming Graphisoft features
Grasshopper-Archicad Connection - Beam and Column enhancements

Graphisoft has changed its perspective on roadmap transparency in 2023. Interested and curious users can now have a peek into our pipeline and upcoming features.

The level of detail is definitely not meant to be high here, especially as the topics are still mostly forming in our Product Development team still.

Graphisoft's public roadmap

We as designers of currently developed projects are the best choice to translate these ideas into illustrations. As a responsible designer of several initiatives, I also had my fair share of drawing them.


Before I would jump to Figma and start composing lines and fills to create something, I try to include my squad and Product Manager in the ideation process as well.

“Summarize how you would sell the feature to your mom in one sentence.”

- I asked everyone, and they delivered amazing thoughts. No wonder, they were also part of the development of said feature and with different professional background, I could see their different train of thought.


The illustrations enhance the hype and provide insights into the look and feel of upcoming features.

People have started talking about our product more and are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the next product versions. The public roadmap gives them opportunity to express their feedback as well.